Student Spotlight: Taylor Bierbrodt

Student Spotlight: Taylor Bierbrodt

| By: Haase, Elijah D

Career Program: Marketing
Originally From: Appleton
Current Residence: Appleton
Attended FVTC: Fall 2023





Why did you choose this career program?

It has always been intriguing to me the ways marketing seems to be ahead of the game. Marketers know exactly who they are targeting and how to do it well. I want to be a part of that.

What are you learning about your career field that you find interesting or rewarding? 

Marketing is a lot more than advertising. There is so much strategy and planning involved, advertising is just one piece in a larger complex puzzle. Figuring it out is like a gem and the rewards are great!

Why did you choose Fox Valley Technical College? 

I attended FVTC for one semester a long time ago and the support from faculty and staff was unmatched. I knew that if I ever decided to go back to school it would be here.

How has Fox Valley Technical College helped you change your life?

FVTC has provided a budget friendly way for me to continue my education and finally get the degree I have been working so hard for.

What type of job do you expect to find after graduation? 

I plan to work for some type of non-profit. I would love to be on the marketing team for a charity that helps people.

In one sentence, what's your best advice for someone who's not sure they're ready for college? 

My advice is this: don’t go until you know. Postsecondary education is expensive and if you are still trying to decide, it isn’t worth your money yet. Wait until you have a real desire to be here, you will get so much more out of it. I would also say, ask questions! There are so many students who would be willing to share their experience!

Lightning Round!

Best on-campus place to study: The TLC! Lots of natural light!

One class you surprisingly enjoyed: Speech!!

One class that challenged you: Economics.

Pro tip for newcomers trying to find their way around campus: Download the map on your phone and come early!