Student Veterans Take Ice Bucket Challenge

Student Veterans Take Ice Bucket Challenge

| By: Britten, Casey

On Monday, August 25, members of Fox Valley Technical College’s Veterans Services staff and the FVTC chapter of Student Veterans of America (SVA) took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about ALS in the veterans’ community, as well as to raise money for ALS research. See video below.

Did you know that veterans are two times more likely to develop ALS than the general population? Veterans diagnosed with ALS are eligible to receive financial support for themselves and their families. Veterans Affairs recognizes ALS as a presumptive disease with a minimum rating of 100% and has recently made Veterans with ALS medically eligible for grants up to almost $68,000 to adapt their homes.

FVTC invites the following individuals and organizations to accept the Ice Bucket Challenge and join us in raising money for ALS research: 

  • Secretary Robert McDonald, United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  • Secretary John Scocos, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
  • D. Wayne Robinson, President & CEO of Student Veterans of America
  • All SVA members
  • Veterans Affairs School Certifying Officials
  • All veterans service organizations

Participating on FVTC's behalf were: Stacy Doran, Jeremy Hanson, Nancy, Taylor Sawatzke and Paul Wasmund.