Taking the Classroom to The Bahamas

Taking the Classroom to The Bahamas

Site visit complete for study abroad program

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

With a successful exploratory site visit by instructors now complete, students in the Agriculture and Natural Resources programs are less than a year away from having the opportunity to study abroad in The Bahamas.

Last summer, the college received a $35,000 federal grant to launch the two-week program. The project aims to create an experience that gives students firsthand knowledge about issues such as resource management, agricultural practices, and sustainability in The Bahamas.

Recently, Sarah Mills-Lloyd, department chair for Horticulture, Farm Operations and Farm Business Production Management, and Leah Caceres, department chair for World Languages and Culture, traveled to Nassau to get a first-hand look at the learning opportunities. The site visit included stops at local farms and tours of agricultural and marine facilities.

“This program will allow students to explore relationships between small communities in The Bahamas and their approach to preserving marine environments and fisheries, as well as learn about agricultural practices in the country,” Sarah explains. “It’s going to be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn how culture has shaped current agriculture and environmental practices in The Bahamas. And it will be done through hands-on experiences taught by local farmers, government agencies and non-profit organizations.” 

FVTC is one of 44 U.S. colleges and universities to be awarded a grant through the 2022 Increase and Diversify Education Abroad for U.S. Students (IDEAS) Program. To receive the grant, colleges had to submit a proposal for a study abroad program that is closely associated with U.S. foreign policy goals and provides international experiences for U.S. students.

With the site visit complete, plans will move forward to offer the study abroad program to students in January 2024.