Teacher Reflects on 'Invaluable Assistance' from FVTC

Teacher Reflects on 'Invaluable Assistance' from FVTC

Staci Sievert wins $50,000 for teacher excellence

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Staci Sievert, a technical education teacher at Seymour High School, was recently named a winner of the 2021 Prize for Teacher Excellence Award. Given to her by Harbor Freight Tools for Schools (HFTS), Staci received a $50,000 award.

In being given this honor, Staci credited Mark Lorge, department chair of FVTC's Wood Manufacturing Technology program, for her success in the classroom. After 22 years of teaching social studies, Staci turned to Fox Valley Technical College in 2017 to instruct her how to transition to teaching tech ed classes at Seymour.

"I needed training and I needed a mentor," Staci says. "My first move was to call Mark Lorge. He was willing to create a unique schedule and curriculum for me beyond his normal course load."

Staci is one of 18 teachers to receive the $50,000 stipend. With the HFTS award, $35,000 is earmarked for Seymour's tech ed program and the remainder is for Staci's personal use.

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