Thanksgiving is coming. Time for… seared scallops?

Thanksgiving is coming. Time for… seared scallops?

The meal must go on.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, Fox Valley Technical College Culinary Arts students continue to sharpen their food preparation skills while also learning to adapt to changes in the hospitality industry.

Since the start of the pandemic, eating establishments have had to change the way they cater to customers. Specifically, they’ve had to modify their takeout and delivery infrastructure to stay competitive.

FVTC students in Restaurant Run Operations have been fortunate to continue their hands-on education on campus, but they too, have seen their curriculum modified. That means the student-run Ione’s Dining Room, closed as full-service dining experience for Fall 2020, is being run as a limited carryout option for FVTC faculty and staff.

Students continue to create amazing menus featuring items like butternut squash risotto, seared scallops, ginger braised beef short ribs and pumpkin panna cotta. To fulfill orders, back of house students prepare the food but there’s an added component of properly packaging the to-go orders. Front of house students now flex their people skills even more as they interact with customers coming by the “curb” for a pickup.

“Our customers are seeing a different side of Ione’s because we’ve never done carryout before and this could lead us to positive changes in the future,” said Grace Wenger, one of the culinary students. “Who knows. Maybe next year, we can do tables but also offer the carryout.”


Published: Nov 19, 2020

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