The Best Way to Learn

The Best Way to Learn

Spring 2020

| By: Britten, Casey

A hands-on education worked best for nursing student Pang Dorow.

Choosing Fox Valley Technical College was automatic for 26-year-old Pang Dorow. “I needed instructors who would be there for me every step of the way and a college known for hands-on learning,” states the Oconomowoc native who will graduate in May 2020 with an associate degree in Nursing.

FVTC has more than lived up to Pang’s expectations. “The best way to learn is by practicing,” she adds. “Working with human patient simulators that react to medical conditions like real people made all the difference. You can’t find a more authentic training experience.”

Housed in FVTC’s Health Simulation Technology Center, 14 patient simulators create a virtual hospital setting. The newest simulators include an infant and young boy. They are both wireless and programmed to provide training scenarios dealing with complications at birth and adolescence.