Wildland Firefighter Students Start Helpful Fires

Wildland Firefighter Students Start Helpful Fires

Students manage a controlled burn as a learning exercise

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

During May, dry conditions in Wisconsin put a spotlight on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and those who work to stop wildfires from getting out of control. That includes FVTC Wildland Firefighter students who served in a support role for the DNR in Waushara County where conditions were exceptionally dry.

Recently, local TV stations followed the students as they executed a controlled burn where they studied how certain materials burn and the impact wind can have on fire. This type of hands-on training is good practice for when students start working in the field.

“That’s really what the goal is with fire suppression in Wisconsin, keep it small, don’t let it grow, don’t let it get big,” explained Jon Kellerman, Wildland Firefighter instructor. “That’s what we train our students on. We attack it and fight fire aggressively. That’s what they’re kind of doing here. It’s a little bit slower because it’s really green and it’s in a more controlled setting.”


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