Computer Central: Help Desk Support Specialist

Computer Central: Help Desk Support Specialist

Fall 2014

| By: Britten, Casey

IT student Jessica Meshke is gaining valuable experience with computer technology while helping others along the way.

Saginaw, Michigan, native Jessica Meshke loves working in the field of Information Technology (IT). “Computers used to look really complicated to me,” she says. “Going to Fox Valley Tech makes computer technology easy to understand.”

Meshke took her first PC classes at a nearby university but was frustrated by the lack of hands-on learning. Seeking a more student-friendly learning environment, she moved to Appleton and enrolled in Fox Valley Technical College’s Help Desk Support Specialist program. “You get to learn how computers work, not just read about them in an owner’s manual,” she says.


After completing that program, Meshke enrolled in FVTC’s Computer Support Specialist program. “I’m now learning about the bigger picture—things like architecture, networking, and security,” she says. “This broadens what I can do for both individuals and businesses.”

Meshke keeps busy working at the on-campus Student Help Desk and serving as vice president of the college’s Association of Information Technology Professionals. “We’re trying to bring technology to others,” she explains. “We work with students from other departments, like in business and nursing for example, to help them advance their careers by becoming more proficient in computer applications.”

Meshke wants to open her own computer support company in the near future. “I want to show others that computer technology can be a lot of fun,” she adds. “The more comfortable you get with it, the better off you will be, whether it’s for personal or professional use.” 

Quick Facts:

335 full-time job postings in one year for computer support specialists in the New North region. 2014 FVTC Graduate Employment Research Report

$45,500 average annual salary after five years in the workforce as a computer support specialist. 2014 FVTC Graduate Employment Research Report