Focus on Alumni: Dewi Bush

Focus on Alumni: Dewi Bush

Spring 2015

| By: Britten, Casey

Q&A with Office Assistant Grad Dewi Bush

The 43-year-old native of Indonesia has found a path to the American Dream thanks to FVTC.

What first brought you to Fox Valley Technical College?

I first came to Fox Valley Tech to explore educational programs and realized the best option was to update my business management skills and learn more about American workplace culture. I then enrolled in the one-year, Office Assistant program and graduated in 2010.

I have found a way to succeed in America thanks to Fox Valley Tech. I now work as an office assistant for the Department of Corrections in Waupaca while I pursue an associate degree in the Administrative Professional program.

What did you enjoy most about the Office Assistant program?

I loved the computer classes and preparing presentations. The classes opened up my creativity and taught me how to design presentations that hold the attention of an audience. It’s probably the most important business application I have learned for my job.

Why are your skills so valued in the workplace today?

The Office Assistant program gave me real-world, problem-solving skills. In addition to computer competencies, the exploration of business ethics helped me better work with and understand all types of people. The instructors made learning about the American business culture relevant to my line of work.

What advice can you give others about selecting a college today?

You need to first make sure that you’re studying something that interests you and prepares you for growth opportunities. It’s important to attend a school that focuses on its graduates getting jobs like Fox Valley Tech does. The college makes it possible to go to school while working full-time because the classes are offered in different formats and are very accessible.

Start Today in this High-Demand Field

Fox Valley Technical College’s one-year, Office Assistant program is a great way to get into the workforce fast while pursuing an associate degree in the Administrative Professional program, where many grads carry titles like executive assistant and office manager.

91% job placement for graduates of FVTC’s Office Assistant program.
FVTC’s Graduate Employment Research Report, 2014

More than 1,500 full-time job postings for administrative professionals in the New North region.
FVTC’s Graduate Employment Research Report, 2014