Moving in the Right Direction

Moving in the Right Direction

Fall 2019

| By: Britten, Casey

A Neenah High grad found momentum in her interest in nursing. 

A health careers class in high school pointed Mikayla East in the right direction. Enthused about a nursing career but not knowing where to start, she discovered that FVTC offered a Certified Nursing Assistant course at her high school.

That one class sparked an interest for Mikayla. “Before finishing high school last May, I earned college credits in nursing and math while making new friends,” she shares, “as well as getting my mind ready for college.”

Attending FVTC allows Mikayla to stay close to family and friends, save money and advance her education toward an associate degree in Nursing. “Taking dual credit classes in high school was worth the time, and now the Tech is showing me my future,” she adds. 

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