Printed on 6/15/2024

Estimated Cost

Costs may not include all books or all materials and supplies. Some textbook costs may be included in the estimated program cost.

Cost based on current tuition and fees
Additional materials and supplies

* Tuition and fees are subject to change. For more details, see Cost of Attendance (PDF).


Background Check

A background check will be ordered on your behalf after you complete the pre-application; Completion of your program cannot be guaranteed if your criminal history precludes you from completing any clinical experience.

Health Requirements

The immunization requirements are available through Viewpoint and must be completed and uploaded into the Viewpoint system for approval.

Additional Information

Criminal activity reported will be communicated to healthcare agencies which provide student clinical opportunities. Healthcare agencies have the legal right to deny a clinical or internship experience based on crimes committed. Completion of your program cannot be guaranteed if your criminal history precludes you from completing any clinical experience. 

Students must obtain a C grade in each required general education and core course. If a C grade is not obtained, you will be required to repeat the course.

To be successful and safe in this program, students must meet the minimum requirements for English language proficiency (high intermediate at minimum, with advanced level preferred). Students who do not meet these requirements can get help by enrolling in FVTC’s [Intensive English program](

**Attention High School Students:**  You are eligible to enroll in a nursing assistant class if you are 16 years old or older.

Veterans – check with the FVTC Veterans Resource Center at 920-735-5651 or []( to see if your VA benefits can be used for this program.

Some course options are available in a shorter timeframe, so you can get your Nursing Assistant technical diploma even faster.

Program Outcomes

  • Assist clients with rehabilitation and restorative care
  • Communicate effectively with clients, family, and co-workers
  • Complete educational requirements for the WI NA competency evaluation
  • Demonstrate ethical and legal responsibilities
  • Demonstrate reporting and documentation
  • Protect rights of clients
  • Provide holistic, safe care to diverse populations
  • Provide safe care for clients with acute and chronic health conditions
  • Work cooperatively in a team environment


Upon graduation and successful completion of the Wisconsin Nurse Aide competency exam, you are qualified to work as a nursing assistant or home health aide in a hospital, nursing home, home care or other health care agencies.

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