Ready for Next Innovation Accelerator for Veterans Cohort

Ready for Next Innovation Accelerator for Veterans Cohort

Interested veterans still have time to join the entrepreneurial program

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M


Fox Valley Technical College Foundation has once again been awarded a state grant for a program that guides veterans who want to start their own businesses. Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs (WDVA) have announced that FVTC will receive almost $90,000 for another cohort in the Innovation Accelerator for Veterans.

The program provides entrepreneurial training and technical support, networking opportunities, one-on-one mentoring and startup/growth expenses for veteran-owned businesses, whether it’s to create a source of full-time employment or more of a side business.

Ryan Lonergan went through the program to help elevate his Fragout Podcast. “I knew I was on to something with the podcast but I needed more business acumen,” explains Ryan. “The Innovation Accelerator immersed me in the business side of things and pushed me to create my business plan. I now have sponsors and advertisers for the podcast. The classes helped me more than I can say.”

FVTC is proud to be the first college or university in Wisconsin to offer this type of training. In the previous cohorts, the college has served 78 veterans, resulting in more than 40 business startups and 15 business expansions from those efforts. The FVTC Foundation and FVTC Venture Center work together to administer this program.

“The FVTC Foundation is grateful to the WDVA for its continuing investment in the Innovation Accelerator for Veterans program," says Becky Boulanger, executive director of FVTC Foundation. “This program helps veterans leverage the skills they developed while serving our country, and build new skills and community connections, to create a solid plan to launch their business."

Interested veterans still have time to sign up for a complimentary Explore Innovation Accelerator session to learn more about the program. The next cohort of veterans will start April 22-24.


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