Open for Business: Innovation Accelerator

Open for Business: Innovation Accelerator

Spring 2021

| By: Britten, Casey

Program boosts Ryan Lonergan’s podcast for veterans.

There are two things guaranteed about Ryan Lonergan. 

As a veteran who served six years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, with one deployment to Iraq, he’s built an impressive post-military career guiding other veterans.

And, the guy likes to talk.

In August 2019, Ryan combined these strengths to start Wisconsin Veteran, LLC. Based in Appleton, Ryan advises companies on how to recruit and retain veterans in their workforce. 

Two months later, Ryan took his entrepreneurial spirit one step further by starting a veteran-focused podcast.

“I like to talk. I decided to buy podcasting equipment and give it a try,” Ryan says. “My mom was my first interview. I can literally say I started this podcast from my mom’s kitchen table.”

Called Fragout Podcast, it soon outgrew the kitchen table. Within six months, Ryan had attracted listeners from 30 countries and all 50 states. He knew he was on to something, but longed for more business acumen.

That’s where FVTC’s Innovation Accelerator for Veterans program entered the conversation.

“This program immersed me in the business side of things and pushed me to create my own business plan,” Ryan says. “I now have advertisers and sponsors for the podcast. The classes helped me more than I can say.”  

What's 'Fragout'?

"It's a military term a person shouts as he/she is about to throw a (fragmentation) grenade. It's a warning."

Ryan Lonergan