Training Program Highlighted by Governor

| By: Britten, Casey

Governor Scott Walker highlighted Fox Valley Technical College’s exemplary training of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in his State of the State address.

FVTC was mentioned by name, along with the names of students and instructors representing its Certified Nursing Assistant program, during Governor Walker’s State of the State address on January 19.

The college was included in the address by way of exceeding its recruitment goals for CNA students as part of a Blueprint for Prosperity grant initiative aimed at reducing a skills shortage for qualified nursing assistants in the region. The college also implemented a fast track program as part of its efforts to train more nursing assistants to meet employer needs. 

Governor Walker also visited FVTC two days after his State of the State address to praise the college in its efforts concerning dual credits and preparing high schools students for career pathways. Walker touts education measures at FVTC (Post-Crescent) >>

CNA students and program staff members spent time with Governor Walker before his annual State of the State address.