Focus on Alumni: Culinary Grad Ashley Nero

Focus on Alumni: Culinary Grad Ashley Nero

Spring 2017

| By: Britten, Casey

The 31-year-old executive chef is in charge of creating memorable entrees for major conferences and events at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Green Bay.

What first brought you to FVTC?

I first learned about Fox Valley Technical College from a family friend who took the Culinary Arts program and told my mother how good it was. Since I wanted to pursue a culinary career, Fox Valley Tech was the answer. I graduated from FVTC in 2006 with two associate degrees—one in Culinary Arts and the other in Hotel and Restaurant Management, now referred to as the Hospitality Management program. 

What did you enjoy most about your FVTC education?  

The instructors care for their students. It’s also great that the classes are structured so you pretty much stay with the same students throughout your educational journey. That learning environment built lasting relationships for me.  

Why are your skills so valued in the workplace?

My technical and communication skills bring a variety of techniques and leadership to the industry. I also try to raise awareness in the community and at schools about the importance of this profession, along with finding ways to implement local, sustainable and natural products.

What made your FVTC education special?

I discovered many styles of cooking, serving techniques and hospitality applications during my time at Fox Valley Tech. Ione’s Restaurant was a great learning opportunity. We could experience what it’s like to work in a full-service restaurant operation thanks to Ione’s.