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Ione’s Dining Room

Ione’s is a student-operated restaurant located at the Appleton campus. It’s both a full-service fine dining room and a premier learning lab for Culinary Arts students in the Restaurant Operations class. We feature great meals three days a week, with a variety of different themes.

Spring 2020 Serving Dates (PDF)

Need a Great Gift Idea? 
Gift cards are available to purchase for use in Ione’s from any cashier in the FVTC Appleton Campus cafeteria.


On Tuesday, January 14, between 8 a.m.-3 p.m., reservations for Spring 2020 open to the community.

This is the famous Phone Blitz that attempts to fill the entire semester’s tables in one day. Ione’s can prove to be “popular”, so booking early is recommended.

After the initial Phone Blitz day, for reservations call 920-996-2922 and be prepared to leave a detailed message.

All calls are added to the lottery list (based on Ione’s needs) for your specified preferred dates. Tables or chairs open at any time, and students appreciate this list.

Groups larger than six may not be able to share the same table.

Seating times vary between themes, so please refer to the descriptions on the printable pdf. above.

Cancellation Policy
If reservations need to be canceled, please find a replacement for your party, or cancel within a Minimum of 3 business days, or consider donating your food order to the less fortunate.

Ione’s Community Table
On Wednesdays at 11:15 a.m., we set a table for six people. Walk-ins, single diners, or others can join the table to meet new people, with or without a reservation. The Community Table began in honor of some special guests who were always inviting and gracious to others, and we think it is a fun tradition worth carrying on.

How to Find Ione's
Please use Entrance 10, which has handicapped parking and accessible restrooms for your convenience. 



California Dreamin'

California has long been the cutting edge in what’s new and what’s hot on the culinary stage. Our students invite you to experience their version of a page cut from the West coast playbill. Diners can expect foods that have been fused with Pacific, Asian, and Latin influences. See PDF for seating times and dates.

Carolinas & South

The southern region of the U.S. is rich in history as well as agriculture, produce and dairy products. Join us on a culinary tour of this historic region.  See PDF for seating times and dates.

French Country Fare

As the students practice a bit of skill and showmanship, some selections on this menu will be partially or completely prepared at tableside and may include a flambé or flaming coffee service. Plan on a relaxing meal time as the French believe in somewhat longer meal service to fully appreciate the efforts of the Chef and the servers. As this is a controlled learning environment, we request that reservations are limited to one table per caller, with a maximum of four people. See PDF for seating times and dates.

German Haus

Germany is rich in culture and history, dating back to Medieval and Renaissance times. This popular cuisine reflects a variety of pork, lamb, beef, veal, poultry and seafood. The standards of dumplings and potatoes will accompany your selections See PDF for seating times and dates.

Grand Banquet

This banquet style service features a five-course, pre-determined meal created by our student chefs and consists of a selection of delicacies representing current culinary trends in both food and service. At lunchtime, diners can count on the same great food and service with slightly smaller portions. See PDF for seating times and dates.


The Mediterranean theme includes many different cultures, where a variety of meats, poultry, seafood, grains, nuts, fruits, pastas, breads and vegetables abound. We feature countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Northern Africa on Ione’s culinary tour through these mythical lands.  See PDF for seating times and dates.

New England Bounty

The states of this region—Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island—have long maintained the tradition of excellent seafood cooked simply to keep its natural flavors and textures intact and at the pinnacle of freshness. So catch a whiff of the salt air and bring your appetite on a culinary tour of this northernmost region of the U.S. See PDF for seating times and dates.

Price Range: $9.95-$15.95

Beverages, appetizers and desserts are not included in entrée price.

Inclusion of beverages, appetizers, soup, salad and dessert differ from theme to theme. Please check with your server to verify menu options and pricing.

Ione's Dining Room

Appleton Campus
1825 N. Bluemound Drive
Use Entrance 10

Call 920-996-2922 between 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

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