Chef Stirs Up His Career with New Venture

Chef Stirs Up His Career with New Venture

Grad uses his culinary success to expand into other interests

| By: Daley-Hinkens, Carmelyn M

Chef Ace Champion has quite the resume. He’s appeared on NBC’s TODAY show, Food Network, and has won numerous national cooking awards. But around these parts, we like to point out he is a 2012 graduate of FVTC’s Culinary Arts program.

After finishing the program, Chef Ace started Chef Champion LLC in 2013, a culinary entertainment business where he offers cooking classes, private dinners and public demos. Through that venture, requests came in for him to appear on TV and participate in cooking competitions.

Now Chef Ace is tapping into his entrepreneurial spirit to start a new venture in sound healing; using vibration and varying frequencies to help participants meditate and heal. He recently shared his plans for Champion Healing Wave with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, where he said he hopes to pass along everything he has learned about cooking and how to care for your mind and body through food and holistic healing.

“I have a lot of knowledge I’ve gathered over the years to share,” Ace said.

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