Student Spotlight: Ana Mejia

Student Spotlight: Ana Mejia

| By: Haase, Elijah D

Career Program: Criminal Justice
Originally From: Appleton
Current Residence: Appleton
Age: 24
Attended FVTC: Fall 2019-present

Why did you choose the Criminal Justice​ program?

I chose Criminal Justice because I want to make a difference! This program fulfills all my expectations of what I was looking for. It is a career that fulfills my desire to be able to help others, and fits my unique personality.

What has been the most rewarding part of your educational journey at FVTC?

Just simply coming back to school has been the most rewarding part for me. I graduated from high school in 2014 and since then I was not able to pursue higher education. Being able to come back to school and setting a good example for my kids has been so rewarding.

Why did you choose Fox Valley Technical College?

FVTC is an amazing opportunity for young women. It has given me the opportunity to participate in multiple programs such as Even Start Family Literacy, Starting Point 2.0, and EmpowHer. Additionally, the education you get at FVTC is very efficient and affordable, with opportunities for scholarships and abundant employment opportunities after graduation.

What was the most difficult part of your journey at FVTC?

The most difficult part is and has been studying in a second language. The required effort doubles when you are studying a program that is your second language. Also, adapting the class schedule with my kids, work, and home has been difficult at times.

What are your plans after graduation? 

After graduating I would like to get a job as a probation and parole officer. This will help me gain experience while allowing me to spend more time with my kids. Later, I would like to continue with my education and keep growing professionally. This is a big step and the beginning of an even bigger dream!

One last parting thought or words of wisdom to share with others:

Be kind, listen to others, bring a hand, and just do it, because you deserve to be big. When people say you can’t do it, do it twice and succeed. Keep working, never stop!