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Law Enforcement


Child Protection Investigator (C)

13 Credits Location: Online

Gain skills to aid the investigation and prosecution of child abuse and child predator cases. Learn how to collect forensic evidence of child abuse and how to interview victims and interrogate suspects. Your training will teach you the proper procedures for handling and managing child abuse, missing child or neglected child cases. These specialized skills can open up new opportunities for you.

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Corrections (C)

15 Credits Location: Online

Learn the skills and knowledge to become a corrections officer or advance your career in corrections. You’ll learn about the history and organization of the penal system, including programming, services and inmate populations. You’ll also cover security, policy development, ethics and administration. Your training will include correctional law, and the sociology of correctional institution populations.

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Crime Prevention (C)

20 Credits Location: Online

Whether you are a sworn officer or a civilian working in law enforcement, this certificate will prepare you to advise business owners and community organizations about a broad range of security and safety issues. You’ll learn about topics such as burglary, shoplifting, check and credit card fraud, identity theft, sexual assault prevention, Internet safety and more. You’ll also choose an area of specialization such as environmental design and planning or security systems.

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Criminal Investigator (C)

17 Credits Location: Appleton

Law enforcement officers, private investigators and crime scene technicians who want to learn the basics of criminal investigations should consider this certificate. You’ll learn how to contain the crime scene and identify and collect evidence. Investigators also photograph the crime scene, interview witnesses and interrogate suspects. You’ll learn how to conduct computer crime investigations too. You will be ready to assume the duties of a criminal investigator.

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Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement (AAS)

70 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

Join the ranks of those who protect and serve with a rewarding career in criminal justice. You’ll gain an overview of the role of law enforcement in our society and will become familiar with criminal, traffic, juvenile and constitutional law. In addition, you’ll gain skills in communication, crime prevention, report writing and forensic applications. Your training will also cover employment standards, policing issues and strategies, terrorism and emergency planning, and criminal investigation. You can choose electives that will apply toward additional Wisconsin Department of Justice certification. This program will help you be prepared to think critically and manage emergencies effectively as a law enforcement officer.

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Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement 520 Academy (TD)

16 Credits Location: Appleton

This program is specifically designed for those with a minimum of 60 accredited college-level credits who seek to meet Wisconsin certification requirements as a law enforcement officer. In this role, you will be responsible for the preservation of law and order in your community. You’ll learn how to investigate traffic crashes, as well as direct and control traffic. Your training will also include crime prevention, crime investigation, vehicle patrols and assisting the public. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your skills with hands-on training and scenario-based field simulations.

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Cyber Crime Investigation (C)

12 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

Cyber crime is a growing concern in today’s technology-based environment. Through a combination of information technology and criminal justice courses, you will get the knowledge and skills to investigate computer and Internet-related crime. You’ll learn techniques hackers use and how to tighten network security. You’ll also learn about state and federal laws regarding the search and seizure of electronic evidence. Finally, you’ll learn how to preserve, verify and analyze data stored on computers.

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Evidence Technician (C)

14 Credits Location: Appleton

If you are a law enforcement or security professional, this certificate can give you the skills to carefully collect and preserve physical crime scene evidence. You’ll learn how to examine and reconstruct crime scenes, as well as how to collect, analyze and protect biological and trace evidence. Through hands-on experience, you’ll learn techniques for detecting and recovering impression evidence such as footwear marks, fingerprints, tool marks and tire treads. You will become a valuable member of the investigative team.

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Evidence Technician - Advanced (C)

12 Credits Location: Appleton

Add to your investigative and evidence collection skills with this certificate. Learn to investigate fire scenes and crash scenes. Gain skills and techniques in forensic anthropology to identify human remains and assist in the detection of crime. You’ll also learn how to use the structure and biology of insects in death scene investigations. These skills will take you further in your law enforcement career.

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Exploring Public Safety Careers (C)

13 Credits Location: Appleton

Do you know you want to pursue a career in public safety, but aren’t sure which program is the best fit for you? This certificate gives you an introduction to the criminal justice, fire protection and paramedic programs. You’ll learn about job opportunities in these fields and the steps to take to get started in the program you choose.

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Forensic Science (AAS)

66 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

Forensic science is a fascinating field where law enforcement meets scientific investigation. Your training will introduce you to crime scene management, criminal law and constitutional law. You will learn how to identify, document, collect, preserve and analyze physical evidence. Gain experience with biological evidence such as DNA, as well as fingerprints and footwear impressions, trace evidence, tool marks and more. You’ll also develop skills for crash scene investigation, and property and evidence management. Then you can enhance your credentials with a concentration in either physical evidence or digital evidence. An internship gives you hands-on, real-world experience to help you prepare for entry-level positions in the forensic science field.

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Homeland Security & Asset Protection Management (AAS)

69 Credits Locations: Appleton, Online

The need for skilled security and asset protection personnel, as well as entry-level law enforcement officers, is growing. This degree program will give you a broad background in homeland security, asset protection, risk management, security law, terrorism and emergency planning. You’ll develop your knowledge of criminal law and the criminal justice system. You’ll also learn how to survey risks and address security issues affecting commercial businesses or manufacturers, as well as residential concerns. An introduction to the Department of Homeland Security, emergency operations planning and counter-terrorism response is included as well. With this degree, you’ll be ready for an entry-level position in numerous important and valued career fields.

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Loss Prevention Specialist (C)

17 Credits Location: Appleton

The specialized skills you’ll learn in this program will help you become a valuable employee in the retail environment. Your training will include an overview of business-related crime, as well as asset protection and workplace safety. You’ll also learn to identify areas of real and potential loss, and make recommendations to reduce those losses. Gain a better understanding of the supervisor’s role in developing and implementing safety procedures and accident prevention programs.

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Private Investigation Specialist (C)

18 Credits Location: Appleton

If you want to become a licensed private or corporate security investigator, this is the program for you. You’ll learn how to locate witnesses, search public records, conduct background investigations and investigate insurance claims. You’ll also develop the skills to conduct criminal defense investigations and financial asset investigations. An exciting and interesting career awaits when you complete this certificate.

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Security (C)

17 Credits Location: Online

Security specialists help businesses protect their assets and reduce loss. Learn about the types of crime that affect businesses, as well as the protection of people and business assets in the workplace. Your study will include information about both physical and electronic security equipment and applications. You’ll also learn how to analyze risk and make recommendations to address vulnerabilities. With this training, you’ll be ready to start your career in security.

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Security Management (C)

15 Credits Location: Online

If you want to move up in your security career, this certificate can help. Learn the leadership and supervisory skills you’ll need to advance. You’ll get a basic overview of business, along with a study of supervision, security law and security requirements in the business environment. You’ll also learn about the Department of Homeland Security using actual case studies. You’ll be ready for that promotion when opportunity knocks.

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