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Fox Valley Technical College offers the most efficient and affordable option for higher education in the Fox Valley. 

Can financial aid be used for purchasing books?

No. Because of the timing to compute satisfactory academic progress, you’ll be responsible for purchasing your books. 

Will the credits be included with my Spring Term classes to determine financial aid credit load?

Yes. If you take 3 credits in the Winterim Term and 9 credits during the Spring Term, financial aid will calculate your aid based on 12 credits. 

Since the class start and end date is shortened, will all the course content be covered?

Yes. The class will be accelerated and will require more of your time outside of the classroom. 

How do I register for classes?

Current Students: Log into your MyFVTC account, call 920-735-5645 or visit an Enrollment Services office. Select the Spring/Winterim Term; this will provide an option to select Winterim classes.

Non-FVTC Program Students: Go to Take a Class, call 920-735-5645 or visit an Enrollment Services office at one of our locations.  

When will I be able to register for Winterim classes?

If you’re a continuing/new program student, you can register at the same time you’re registering for spring classes. If you’re not in a program, you’ll be able to register during open enrollment. See the academic calendar for dates at

When are class fees due? When can I purchase my books?

See the academic calendar to determine when fees are due or when books can be purchased at

What happens if the class is canceled?

All fees will be refunded and you’ll be notified by email.

What happens if I need to drop a class after it starts?

The refund policy states that the first 10% of the hours is an 80% reduction in fees. The next 10% of the hours is a 60% reduction in fees. After 20% of the class hours, there is no refund. See for more information. 

Will the classes be automatically dropped if I don’t attend?

No. We don’t drop for non-attendance or non-payment. You’re responsible for calling Enrollment Services at 920-735-5645, going to any Enrolment Services office for assistance or logging into your MyFVTC account to drop the classes. In order to receive a full refund you must drop the class before the class start date. 

What if I fail a Winterim class?

At the end of the Spring Term, we’ll include Winterim and spring classes to determine academic probation/suspension and financial aid satisfactory academic progress, etc. 

How will the end of term processing affect the Winterim Term?

All end of term processing will include the Winterim and spring courses.   

Annual tuition is based on averages of 2 semesters with 12 credits each. This is tuition only – books, supplies, etc. not included.

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