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Identify your personality traits, interests, skills, values and abilities and find out how they can help you determine the type of work you’ll enjoy in 3 questions. 

Nontraditional Occupations

Some careers are traditionally filled by one gender or another. We want you to explore ALL career options, regardless of gender stereotypes. 

Credit Transfer Agreements

Looking at your credit transfer options can help you navigate the path that is productive and right for you. 

Career Workshops

This free course is all about you! Assess your interests and skills. Explore occupations that would be a good fit for you.

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When you can't tour in person, you can still experience FVTC using our virtual tour.

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Fox Valley Tech offers a variety of events and services for students, alumni and the community.

Student & Alumni Spotlight

Student Spotlight:...

Student Spotlight:...

Nikki King is double majoring in Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Production. She is excited to transition from the Medical field...

Student Spotlight:...

Student Spotlight:...

Tiffany Harley is a student in the Nursing-RN Associate Degree program. The Nursing program’s high NCLEX pass rates are what drew her...

Student Spotlight:...

Student Spotlight:...

Student Osvaldo Vega shares why he chose FVTC and the Dental Hygienist program. 

Student Spotlight:...

Student Spotlight:...

Business Analyst


Career Counseling 

Email: Counseling Center
Text FVTC: 920-294-1738