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Addressing Missing Persons Issues

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The Criminal Justice Center for Innovation at Fox Valley Technical College continues to amplify its efforts to protect, serve, and fight for missing persons and their families as a lead trainer in these areas.

May 25 is observed as national Missing Children’s Day (MCD). FVTC helps coordinate several nationwide events in concert with this designated day to raise more awareness on issues surrounding missing persons. Here is a snapshot of some of these events and a glimpse at what FVTC is doing in partnership to keep our children safe and recover those who are missing. These initiatives are done in collaboration with the Department of Justice and the Office of Juvenile Justice Programs.

• Assistance in facilitating the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance program-related special awareness events in 30 states and in Mexico. These MCD activities include governors, elected officials, law enforcement personnel, school leaders, and non-profit organizations working together to optimize best practices in searching for the missing.

• To date, 540 children have been successfully recovered directly from AMBER Alerts. More than 50 cases are on record where the perpetrator of a child abduction has abandoned the abducted child after hearing an AMBER Alert.

• Facilitation of more than 200 training sessions a year nationwide on topics focusing on missing persons, serving nearly 20,000 law enforcement practitioners, forensic scientists, first responders, prevention-based organizations, and more.

• During the past year, FVTC also launched two new distance learning programs customized for the Los Angeles and Houston Police Departments, respectively. Plans are underway to develop another five distance learning programs for other agencies during the next year.

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