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We offer resources and staff to:

  • Develop curriculum
  • Produce curriculum manuals and Bb learning materials
  • Design assessment strategies
  • Deliver training or workshops
  • Support and schedule IVC
  • Assist with all media needs

Any requests for curriculum from individuals outside of FVTC must receive prior approval before sharing. Contact Shana Farrell at 920.831.5226 for details.

IDD will help you build skills and resources in:

  • Assessment strategies
  • Alternative delivery (IVC, Internet, Hybrid, Video, Print Based, Accelerated, FastTrak)
  • Curriculum development 
  • Presentations and multimedia
  • Video and audio
  • Graphics
  • Web
  • Digital Imaging

IDD Staff

Find us at the Appleton Campus in the Learning Resource Center, Room E133 for curriculum, assessment, or alternate delivery services.

By clicking on the person's name, you will find essential job duties, hours, and location of the following people listed below. The e-mail addresses are linked to send e-mail.

Anne Haberkorn—Director, 4397,

Shana Farrell—Manager, 5226,

Doug Waterman—Associate Dean IT, 4366,

 Brenda Blair
 Marie Goffard 5625
 Liz Jones
 Bev Kelley 2564
 Vicki Sahr 4806
 Amy Schiedermayer 5615   

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