Executive Facilitation and Protection 

This two and 1/2 day classroom program is designed to provide the essentials for protecting "executive" level persons by providing pro-active and preventative personal security. This class is recommended for sworn law enforcement officers, those with contracted security responsibilities, and others responsible for providing protection to private or public officials.

Training Topics

Topics covered during this 2 and 1/2 day course include Initial Threat/Risk Assessment, Site Vulnerability Assessment, and Site Vulnerability Management.

Attendees will also participate in exercises for conducting an advance, preparing a written site visit plan, and addressing specifics for those they are responsible for. 

Training Fee

The training fee of $350 per participant includes instructional costs, program materials, and refreshment breaks. Participants are responsible for costs and arrangements associated with travel, lodging, and meals.

For questions or to schedule this training at your location, contact Kristina Mahloch (phone: 888-370-1752.)

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