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Occupational Therapy Assistant Club

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2013 Spring  OTA Club Officers are:
Co-chairs: Jessica Mattheis and Steve Roska
Secretary: Yvonne Vander Heiden
Treasurer: Kim Rivenberg

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Club Function

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Club functions to promote occupational therapy to students within the program and to the general community.

The OTA Club is open to anyone in the OTA program.

Meetings are held in C141 at 11:30 AM - on the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesdays (every other week).  The final meeting is a pizza picnic on Wednesday, May 8 in C141 for all club members.

Our club started back in the early 1970's and has been active in numerous activities and fund raisers over the years. The club has participated in health fairs, attended WOTA state and national OT conferences, national student conclaves in the fall for seniors, had bake sales, Easter candy and candy bar sales, pizza sales, and candle sales.

One goal is to raise money to send at least one representative to the new Student Conclave in the fall and one representative to the annual American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Conference every year usually held in April (April is OT month across the nation). The student representative presents our programs concerns at the national level and all students participate in current national discussions and activities that affect OTA students.

Students have put together theme baskets for Silent Auctions with the proceeds going to WOTA and FVTC scholarship funds and to Rebuilding Together-Fox Valley. The past two years the club has given baskets for the SGA auction in May.  Students also participate in adopt-a-family at Christmas. At the end of the year there is an all-program picnic funded with some of the club funds.

2012-2013 Events
  • Cerebral Palsy Telethon, March 2, 2013
  • WOTA basket for the Silent Auction in Madison, November 2, 2012
  • Adopt-a-Family for December 2012
  • Sell Seroogy Candy in March
  • Basket for SGA May 2013
  • Picnic and Timber Rattler's Game April 26
  • OT Career Tree presentation on jobs April 30 in C141 at 11:30
  • Buffet/Share with Semester 4 (May graduates) May 17
  • End-of-Year Pizza meeting
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April is OT month.

April has 30 days nationwide to promote OT as a valuable profession to society.

Use the following 9 ways to be creative in promoting OT.

  • Contact a reporter with a great story
  • Throw an OT month party
  • Hold a contest
  • Look for public interaction opportunities
  • Send a thank you note to those who have supported OT
  • Advertise OT
  • Provide a public service
  • Recognize and honor someone in OT
  • Inform co-workers


OT People logo image WOTA Conference

The WOTA Conference is held annually at various locations throughout the state.  This year it was in Madison November 2-3, 2012.

WOTA membership is offered at a significant discount for students. For more information click on the following link.


OT People logo image Activities - Past and Present

  • Pizza sales
  • Trips to clinical facilities
  • Annual picnic
  • Attendance at AOTA Annual Conference
  • Bake sales, Food sales, Popcorn sales
  • Adopt-a-Family at Christmas
  • Theme Baskets for WOTA Scholarships
  • Candy sale
  • Sponsors children to attend museum
  • W/C wash sponsor
  • Tour Body Worlds (4-2008)
  • Auction basket for Rebuilding Together
  • Auction basket for Student Government
  • Attendance at annual fall National Student Conclave 
  • Timber Rattler Game
  • Auction basket for Mind Body Spirit


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OT People logo image "What is Occupational Therapy?"

OT is the art and the science of directing an individual's participation in selected tasks that occupy his/her time on a daily or regular basis. Direction is given so that each task either restores, reinforces or enhances that individual's life performance. OT helps the person to facilitate the learning of the skills and functions that are essential to adapting and being productive. Many times the goal is to diminish or correct a pathology, or maybe to promote and maintain health and wellness. The word occupation refers to goal-directed use of time, energy, interest, and attention. Three main types of occupation are necessary for optimal quality of life: activities of daily living (ADL), work, and leisure.

OT has at its heart the fundamental concern for the development and maintenance of capacity throughout a person's life span, to perform with satisfaction to self and others, those tasks and roles necessary to productive living. The mastery of self and the environment are also part of this life maintenance.

For more information about this club, e-mail Pat Condon , club advisor.
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