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Dairy Products Contest 

State Dairy Products Contest


Contest Purpose:  To provide a competitive event for high school agriculture students, emphasizing skills in dairy product identification and evaluation.


  1. To provide high school agriculture students with dairy interests a practical experience that will serve them well in industry positions related to milk and dairy products.
  2. To develop students' skills in identifying dairy products.
  3. To provide experience in the evaluation of milk quality.

Event format:

Note that the following will not be used in this event:
    Class 3: California Mastitis Test CMT
    Class 5:  Milker/unit evaluation.

A.  Knowledge of dairy processing, marketing and quality of dairy products

  1. A written exam will be given to assess the students' knowledge of dairy processing, marketing and quality of dairy products.
  2. The exam shall consist of 25 or 50 questions.
  3. One point shall be added to the students' score for every incorrect answer on the exam.

B.  Milk flavor identification and evaluation

  1. Ten samples of milk will be given to participants to identify flavor and intensity.
  2. Two points will be added to the participant's score for incorrectly identifying the milk off flavor.
  3. The intensity of the flavor will be scored as follows.
    • No points will be added if the intensity is correct.
    • One point will be added for each intensity score contestant differs from the official.
    • If no score is indicated, an automatic 10 points will be assessed.
  4. Milk samples are to be evaluated using the following guide.

10 Excellent

8 to 9 Good

5 to 7 Fair

2 to 4 Poor

1 Unacceptable/unsalable

Off Flavor Slight Definite Pronounced
Acid 3 2 1
Bitter 5 3 1
Feed 9 8 5
Flat/Watery 9 8 7
Foreign 5 3 1
Garlic/Onion 5 3 1
Malty 5 3 1
Oxidized 6 4 1
Rancid 4 2 1

Salty 8 6 4
Unclean 3 2 1
No defects 10

C.  Cheese Identification

  1. Ten cheese samples will be identified.
  2. The cheese samples will be cut into cubes with a cross section displayed on a plate.
  3. Uncolored cheeses may be used.
  4. Five points will be added to the student's score for each sample incorrectly identified.

D.  Real and artificial

  1. Five to ten samples of real dairy products or artificial dairy substitute foods will be evaluated.
  2. The number of samples will depend upon the availability of resources.
  3. Students will identify whether the items are real or artificial.
  4. Two points will be added to the student's score for each incorrectly identified sample.

E.  Sediment discs (CMT section of the score sheet will be used for this area)

  1. Five sediment discs will be scored on the 8-point FFA system (0 = 0 mg., 8 = over 2.5 mg.)
  2. One point will be added to the participants score for each point the from the judge's score.
  3. No score will be an automatic 8 point deduction.

F.  Team Event

  1. Pricing raw milk from the producer using indicated prices and volumes.

Score cards will be provided. Contestants should have a #2 pencil and eraser.

Please review the state FFA Career Development Events.

Each school may enter two teams.
Contest will be held at the D.J. Bordini Center (across the street from FVTC Main Campus)

Chairperson: Dr. Rick Bockhop
U.W. Platteville

High School Committee: Omro
New Glarus

Consultant: Dr. Rick Bockhop
(608) 342-1890
U.W. Platteville

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