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ICISP Professional Exchange 

FVTC Global Education and Services Department starts accepting applications for FVTC staff to participate in the ICISP European Professional Development Exchange Program beginning each February.

To be considered:
  • Complete the attached ISICP Application 2011-2012
  • Obtain approval and signature from supervisor
  • Please Return to Aaron Gorenc by THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2011.


The Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP) is pleased to be able to offer a Two-Week International Professional Exchange Program with China (Xi’an) and the Netherlands, Finland and Switzerland.  Applicants will be matched as closely as possible with an overseas participant with similar job responsibilities.  Other match factors such as age, gender, personal interests, and family composition will be incorporated into the matching process when possible.  The two-week period will allow for approximately nine days of professional exchange, three days of weekend time, plus a day for orientation upon arrival.  English is spoken in most exchange locations, which enhances both the professional and personal aspects of the exchange.

Read more about the Exchange by downloading this document: ICISP Overview 2011-2012

All applications will be reviewed by a committee and 1-3 employees will be chosen for participation.

Applicants' Responsibilities During visitors stay (October):
  • Room and board (includes all meals during stay)
  • 2-week agenda/itinerary for exchange visitor's stay (to include goals of exchange visitor)
  • Ordinary entertainment or entertainment at the host's invitation
  • Gifts for exchange partner
  • Agreement by supervisor for release time during the exchange visitor's stay
Applicants' Responsibilities During International Travel (May):
  • Travel costs related to airfare and any in-country travel (less any scholarship funding, if received)
  • Arrangements and any costs necessary for visa (China or Russia)
  • A passport valid 6 months after travel date
  • Agreement by supervisor for release time during travel (if necessary)
  • Please meet with Global Education & Services regarding funding prior to submitting an application. Because FVTC may not be able to accommodate all funding requests, we want all interested applicants to be aware of their financial responsibilities
To make this exchange program work, applicants MUST be willing and able to participate on both parts of the program.
Part 1: Host an international visitor (October, 2011)
Part 2: Travel to international destination (hosted by matched exchange partner, May, 2012)

Additional Details:

The Illinois Consortium for International Studies & Programs


This program matches U.S. faculty, staff and/or administrators with counterparts in China, Russia or the EU for a reciprocal 2-week professional exchange.

FVTC Participants host their professional exchange match in October and travel to China, Russia or Europe in May.

Submission of names does not guarantee selection -- rather every effort is made to find a participant of similar role or faculty discipline with which ICISP participants are matched. Those matched agree to 1. host their matched individual in their home for 2 weeks; and, 2. their partner will in turn, host them for two weeks. The purpose of this exchange is to foster professional development and understanding of higher educational systems in Europe by job-shadowing, and networking. Spouses or other companions are not allowed to travel with participants during the 2-week exchange. Those wishing to combine exchange travel with vacation time should arrange for their spouses or others to join them after the ICISP exchange is completed.

ICISP (Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa) schools are matched with partner colleges primarily in China, Russia and the EU. Matches are made on a space available basis and are limited by the disciplines and areas of potential applicants submitted by each side.

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