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LPN To ADN Course Sequence 

LPN to ADN students enter the 3rd semester of the ADN Program. Prior to entering the 3rd semester of the ADN program you must have the following coursework completed. You will be taking a LPN to ADN Pathway course in the summer term and will be starting the 3rd semester in either Fall or Winter of that academic year. If you anticipate being ready to start taking core classes in the Winter term you can take the Pathway course in the summer if a spot is available.

*10-801-195 Communication, Written (3 credits)
*10-809-188 Psychology, Developmental (3 credits)
*10-806-177 General Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
*10-806-179 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
*10-801-196 Communication, Oral/Interpersonal (3 credits)
*10-809-198 Psychology, Introduction to (3 credits)
*10-809-196 Sociology, Introduction to (3 credits)
*10-806-197 Microbiology (4 credits)
*Elective (6 credits)

After you have successfully completed the “LPN to ADN Pathway” summer course you will enter into 3rd semester in either the Fall or the Winter term. Students will enter into the program according to space availability and according to GPA (see ADN Progression Policy for details).

The courses you take once you enter the 2nd year of the ADN program are listed below:

Semester Three:

10-543-109 Complex Health Alterations I (2 credits)
10-543-110 Mental Health and Community Concepts (2 credits)
10-543-111 Nursing: Intermediate Clinical Practice (3 credits)
10-543-112 Nursing Advanced Skills (1 credit)

Semester Four:

10-543-113 Complex Health Alterations II (3 credits)
10-543-114 Nursing Management and Professional Concepts (2 credits)
10-543-115 Advanced Clinical Practice (3 credits)
10-543-116 Nursing Clinical Transition (2 credits)

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