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CPIM Benefits 

CPIM Online Classes

Online Benefits

  • Learn with interactive hands-on learning objects.
  • Watch videos for every session.
  • Prepare to pass the examinations with course activities that were designed for this purpose.
  • Expect quick response from experienced and certified instructors.
  • Apply your ideas in your job after learning from others..
  • Earn two Fox Valley Technical College credits.
  • Learn at your convenience anytime, anywhere!

Classroom Benefits

  • Learn from other students' experiences.
  • Participate in structured classes at predetermined times and locations Consider weekend or night class opportunities.
  • Prepare to pass the examination with one-on-one attention.
  • Gain knowledge from experienced, certified instructors. Receive weekly updates on local APICS chapter activities Earn Fox Valley Technical College credit.

APICS is the global
leader and premier provider
of information and services
for the production and
inventory management industry.
New APICS Logo Nov 2013

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