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Criminal Justice Services 


First time patrol officers to correctional officers.  Get your Criminal Justice Career started here.


Match the skills of your prospective employees with the job requirements of your agency through our practical assessment services.


Our certificates let you focus on a specific set of skills required to enhance your ability to do your job.

Child Protection

Our Criminal Justice Child Protection Training Center is dedicated to helping the youngest victims of crimes, our children.


Our annual conferences can provide training and a chance to interact with other law enforcement personnel.

Crime Prevention

Curb and control community issues before they start.

Criminal Investigations

Improve and enhance your criminal investigation tactics, evidence collection and more.


Enhanced crime scene management and productive and effective evidence collection techniques.

In-Service Training

Stay current with the latest criminal justice trends and procedures.

Management / Leadership / Supervision

Improve your staff's leadership skills or prepare the way for the leaders of tomorrow in your agency.


Our offerings range from the tools you need to evaluate and assess security system needs to advance locksmithing and alarm theory.

Specialized Training & Services

A full range of specialized training and skill enhancements are available for your agency or team.


Technology is always changing.  Don't get left behind the tech curve, use our technology training.

Traffic Safety

We offer options for offenders of Wisconsin's operating-while-intoxicated laws to regain their ability to drive legally.

Tribal Justice

We are helping the unique needs of our tribal law enforcement agencies across the nation.