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WAT Grant Overview 

Workforce Advancement Training Grant Overview

WAT Grant Requests for Consideration
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  • Grants are awarded to promote increased investment in the development of incumbent workers, improve Wisconsin businesses' productivity and competitiveness, augment the state's economic base, support career pathways and expands technical college training services to help business and industry.

  • Grants will be awarded to upgrade the skills and productivity of employees of established businesses  operating in Wisconsin, with the additional objective of supporting regional workforce and economic development efforts. Grants are awarded through a competitive process.

  • Training must focus on occupational skills including any combination of occupational, academic and employability topics or courses.

  • Funded projects are expected to increase a businesses’ productivity and competitiveness. Projects that will increase employees’ wages or expand their job and career opportunities, or that show a clear connection to regional development or industry cluster strategies collaboratively planned by employers and workforce and economic development interests, will receive special consideration.

  • Instruction to be provided using Fox Valley Technical College resources and capacity.

The grant funds can be used for:

  • Assessment of the learning needs of employees to determine knowledge and skill levels.

  • Development of curriculum that directly applies to employees' occupational tasks.

  • Conducting instructional activities.

  • Providing staff development needed by college staff that will enhance the proposed training.
  • Purchasing supplies, equipment, video, computer software, and/or other instructional materials.

  • Providing technical assistance to an employer which will result in the advancement of existing employees through a career pathway approach or additional hiring of new employees.

Evaluation of Requests:

The confidential 2014-15 WAT Grant-Request for Consideration will be evaluated to determine which employers, or group of employers, Fox Valley Technical College can partner with for 2014-2015 WAT grants. Every attempt will be made to build grant projects that represent the diverse training needs of regional employers recognizing not all training may be eligible for grant support. Outcomes-focused training projects that build the skills of diverse employee groups (e.g., front-line workers & first-level leaders) will be given priority.  Additional consideration will be given to projects that:

  • Increase employees' wages in the short term;
  • Improve employees' job and career opportunities in the short term;
  • Implement activities related to career pathways;
  • Implement part of a formal regional development strategy planned by an industry partnership; or
  • Strengthen the position of the state's driver industries.

Employer Requirements:

All employers receiving services under the WAT grant are required to begin training within 90 days of the grant award notification. Completion of the web-based WTCS Economic Impact Survey for contract training is required within 30 days of completion to provide training feedback and assess immediate or anticipated impact. Your responses are important and provide accountability that grant resources had positive employee and organization impact.

Grant Award Notification:

Companies partnering with Fox Valley Technical College will be notified by July 2014 if the grant application is approved by the Wisconsin Technical College System grant committee. Grant funds awarded cover approximately 40-50% of the training costs. Organizations contribute the remaining funds to cover the total training project.

Complimentary Training Plan Consultation:

Training advisors are available for a personal or phone meeting if you would like to discuss a comprehensive training plan or have questions on the Workforce Advancement Training grant. Contact us to request a complimentary training plan consultation and indicate you are interested in WAT grant projects.

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