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General Information

This 17-credit academic certificate prepares the layperson for private investigation state licensing and employment in the professional Private Investigation world.  All course content is generic and applicable to private investigations in all states.  The Criminal Law National course is customized to reflect the specific state or territory laws of the student's residence.  Students should check with their state/provincial licensing agency to determine the licensing requirements for their residence location.

All courses are offered online and can be completed 24/7.  Courses are conducted on an 16-week semester basis.  Early registration is encouraged as classes do fill up quickly.  16 week semesters start every August and January.  Please refer to the 'Click Here' link above for information on course descriptions and start dates.

Courses and Enrollment

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Academic Level

All of the PI Certificate courses are formal college level classes and require considerable homework.  Students can expect to devote at least 2-3 hours a week per course for the 16-week semester classes and more in any eight week general education summer classes.


Employment opportunities as a Private Investigator fall into two categories; full time and part time.  Those students who desire full time employment in this field are advised that such positions are generally available in larger cites throughout the U.S.  Employment with an existing PI agency is suggested for the broadest level of experience and greatest degree of success.  These firms are usually found through the Yellow Pages or through an Internet search.  Additional full time and part time opportunities exist with many legal firms who hire PIs for client defense investigations.

Regular part time employment is typically home based. This allows the PI to conduct local and Internet related investigations.  However, involved service requests are more difficult to complete on a part time basis.  Local attorneys may be a good option for part time work.


All textbooks for the Private Investigation Certificate are purchased and shipped, if needed, through the FVTC Campus Bookstore.  You can contact them at 1-800-735-3882 x4732 or at campus_store.  You will need to tell them the name of the individual course(s) and the five digit class section number that you used to register for the class.  This information is on your registration/tuition invoice form that was mailed to you after registration.


Tuition costs for this online certificate are charged at in-state tuition for all 50 states providing students enroll in Internet courses.  Current tuition rates can be found in the Quick Links in the right margin of this screen.

Further Information

Email Mark Kohl.

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