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360-degree Evaluations 

Choose from a wide array of 360-degree evaluation options for your next employee development initiative. 360-degree feedback will enable candidates to understand how his/her effectiveness as an employee is viewed by others. Many assessments include related resource tools to assist with interpretation and development planning. FVTC expert trainers and consultants also are available for individual coaching and training based on assessment results.

Develop your next assessment plan using one or more of these popular 360-degree evaluation resources.

Individual Development Survey (IDS)
The Individual Development Survey (IDS) is a 360-degree feedback instrument that focuses upon the behavioral and personality characteristics that have an impact upon work functioning. The IDS is an instrument well suited for corporate training and development programs. The IDS measures an individual's skills on 11 competency sets: Initiative/Risk Taking • Creativity/Innovation • Personal Integrity • Technical Competency • Quality of Results • Diversity Planning/Execution • Team Work • Communicating • Mentoring • Problem Solving/Decisions   

Management-Leadership Practices Inventory (MLPI)
This instrument assesses a supervisor’s management and leadership skills. The MLPI is based on ratings of skills rather than personality characteristics and permits self-ratings in addition to those of employees, peers, and supervisors. The MLPI is an instrument well-suited for executive coaching, individual development assessments, and training. It also can be used to identify training needs as well as an outcome measure after training. The MLPI provides objective feedback about a manager’s behavior on twenty key factors that are grouped into three categories:
  • Management Practices: Planning • Performance Standards • Evaluating Performance • Delegation • Goal Setting • Technical Expertise • Coaching • Facilitating Change • Recognition
  • Interpersonal Style: Directive • Participative • Approachable
    • Leadership Practices: Communication • Strategy • Empowering Employees • Teamwork • Resourcefulness • Trust • Decisiveness • Self-Confidence
Team Practices Inventory (TPI)
The TPI is designed for use with groups in which teamwork is essential. It is designed especially for team assessments, identification of training needs and as an outcome measure after team development and training projects. The TPI provides objective feedback about how a team functions on fourteen key factors that are recognized as essential to effective group performance: Goal Clarity • Cooperation • Role Clarity • Support  Structure • Trust • Energy/Accomplishment • Communication  • Competence • Standards • Commitment • Recognition • Influence Leadership

Leadership Assessment Survey (LAS)

This instrument focuses upon an individual’s leadership skills and abilities. The Leadership Assessment Survey (LAS) is a powerful 360-degree multi-rater instrument for managerial and leadership development programs. Repeated administrations can serve as a professional benchmarking tool for the participant. The LAS measures an individual's leadership on 16 competency sets: Initiative/Risk • Taking Motivating • Quality of Results • Problem Solving/Decision-making • Delegating • Diversity • Planning/Goal Setting • Vision • Technical Competency • Communicating • Mentoring • Coaching • Personal Integrity • Creativity/Innovation • Empowerment • Team Work

Additional 360-degree Evaluations Available

  • 360-degree Leadership Navigator for Corporate Leaders
  • 360-degree Leadership Navigator for Executives
  • Professional Communication Inventory
  • Team Development Profile
  • Sales Development Survey
  • Team Practices Inventory

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360-degree Evaluation Resources

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