Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Assessments 

Build a top level sales and marketing team by hiring the right candidates for the job. Develop your next assessment plan using one or more of these popular sales, marketing and customer service assessment resources.

Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP)
SalesAP measures traits critical to sales success and in related fields such as customer service, sales management, marketing, and public relations. Designed for both selection and training, the SalesAP Report provides information in a variety of domains related to a sales position including Sales Success, Motivation & Achievement, Work Strengths, Interpersonal Strengths, and Inner Resources. The report shows the individual's percentile rank on the following scales: Overall Recommendation • Sales Disposition • Managerial Style • Initiative/Cold Calling • Sales Closing • Customer Service/Inside Sales • Achievement • Motivation • Competitiveness • Goal Orientation • Planning • Initiative • Teamwork • Managerial • Assertiveness • Personal Diplomacy • Extroversion • Cooperativeness • Relaxed Style • Patience • Self-Confidence

Customer Service Skills Inventory
The CSSI test helps identify individuals with skills, behaviors, and traits indicative of success in service-oriented positions. This test’s items helps assess whether applicants have a desire to help customers, understand and satisfy customers' needs, take responsibility for assisting customers, cooperate with co-workers, put forth extra job effort, and keep a reasonable balance between customer requests and company interests.
Dimensions of Measurement:
Pressure Tolerance - Does not lose control in the face of adversity and pressure.
Realistic Orientation - Makes realistic appraisals of what is doable and what is not.
Time Appraisal - Accomplishes tasks within time constraints and deadlines.
Independent Judgment - Is not afraid of making decisions.
Responsiveness - Pays immediate attention to customer problems and concerns.
Sensitivity - Shows flexibility to accommodate others.
Balanced Judgment - Does not make extreme or radical decisions.
Precision Orientation - Is concerned with precision and details.

Marketing Concepts
This test measures the candidate's knowledge of the core areas of marketing. Designed for all professionals, this test covers the following topics: Advertising & Sales Promotion, Buying Behavior, Demographic Decision-Making, Distribution & Channel Selection, Information Analysis, Internal & External Company Evaluation, Market Analysis , Marketing Control Systems, Marketing Plans, New Product/Service Development, Pricing, and Selling Issues.

Additional Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Assessments Available

  • Call Center Sales
  • Career Automotive Retailing Scale
  • Data Entry - Sales
  • Employee Teamwork
  • Retail Math & Reading
  • Retail/Sales Customer Service
  • Service Ability Inventory
  • Store Security
  • Telemarketing Skills

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Resources

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