Basic & Advanced Disaster Life Support 

Since the terrorist attacks in 2001, there has been a heightened interest and need for a nationally recognized course in “all hazards” training to better prepare health and safety professionals for mass casualty incidents. Fox Valley Technical College is one of those providers.

This National Disaster Life Support Training program is the first multidiscipline approach to terrorism training. At FVTC, training courses are available in Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS) and Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS). These courses are quickly becoming the de facto credential for health care providers in disaster medicine. 

The BDLS training focuses on the fundamentals of the all-hazards approach, while ADLS offers hands-on applications of those fundamentals, including a two-hour rotation with four chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive casualty situations.

Basic & Advanced Disaster Life Support Training Resources

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