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Learning Object Development 

What are learning objects?  Learning objects are Web-based, self-contained, small chunks of learning.  They are small enough to be embedded in a learning activity, lesson, unit or training course. Learning objects are flexible, portable and adaptable, and can be used in multiple learning environments and across disciplines. 

Types of learning objects include:

  • Assessments
  • Animations
  • Simulations
  • Case Studies
  • Interactions
  • Drill and Practice
  • Templates

Why learning objects?  Learning increasingly takes place in diverse environments – Web-based courses, video courses, training classrooms, Web sites, and resource repositories. Learning objects are adaptable and flexible in any place of learning.

Students have diverse backgrounds and knowledge. Learning objects can teach and remediate, and offer many different kinds of media to meet learners’ styles and paces. Learning objects add flexibility to the teaching and learning experience. Faculty use learning objects when teaching a basic concept, applying concepts in "real world" applications, checking and testing mastery, providing simulation, or giving remedial instruction.

What is learning object development?  Learning objects are developed by faculty, for faculty, with the assistance of the Wisc-Online development team.

  • A faculty content builder identifies a topic that is difficult for learners to understand or that presents challenges for instructional delivery.
  • The instructor creates a content outline and script.
  • The instructional designer adapts the content for multimedia and Web delivery.
  • The technical developer builds the object.
  • Reviewers and the editor evaluate the object.
  • The content builder reviews and approves the final learning object to be posted.

Learning Object and Multimedia Development Resources

To arrange assistance or information on customized learning object and
multimedia development
, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Business & Industry Services
P: (888) 458-0449 | P: (920) 735-2525 | F: (920) 735-4771
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