Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship 

Set the entrepreneurial spirit free in your company!

Success in today's business environment requires innovation and speed to market. Entrepreneurs in all sectors are combining their business savvy with creativity to swiftly and successfully enter and compete in the marketplace. Join leading companies who recognize the importance of creating an entrepreneurial culture and are developing intrapreneurs in the workplace.

A person within a large corporation who takes direct
responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable
finished product through assertive risk-taking and
innovation [Source: "intrapreneur." American Heritage
Dictionary. 3rd Edition. 1992.]    

Intrapreneurs have the courage to let their imagination and judgment tell them what direction to take. The Venture Center's intrapreneurship training includes development in these skill areas:
  • Vision
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Team-building
  • Business savvy
  • Leadership
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Risk-management

At the Venture Center we are entrepreneurs turned intrapreneurs and use our real-life examples and experiences to enrich the training. The training includes 8 days of interactive, team-based, experiential learning. In class training as well as out-of class responsibilities, immersion and interaction with entrepreneurs combine to provide a dynamic experience.

Improve your company's competitive edge and reap the benefits of creating an environment that satisfies your entrepreneurial employees. Intrapreneurship training from the Venture Center will transform your employees into intrapreneurs who take new ideas and even working prototypes and turn them into profitable realities.

Contact the Venture Center today to learn more about intrapreneurship training and how we can deliver results for you!

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