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POLICY TITLE: Textbooks/Workbooks/Materials

Curriculum changes and updates should be occurring on a regular basis; therefore, it is important to annually review all associate degree and technical diploma course textbooks/workbooks/materials. Instructional materials selected must a) be written at the appropriate level, b) be cost effective, c) help students achieve a mastery of the course competencies, and d) reflect current industry practices.

Only textbooks/workbooks/materials that are used extensively in a course should be listed as required. Instructional materials classified as optional will be available for purchase if the student wishes to use them, but the student will not be required to purchase optional materials.

There is only one set of textbooks/workbooks/materials identified for each state-approved associate degree or technical diploma course. The responsibility and authority for identifying the textbooks/workbooks/materials resides with the instructional department that has responsibility for the course.

Textbook/workbook/material requirements must be identified as part of the course’s curriculum documentation and are a required element in the course syllabus. Textbook/workbook/material requirements for all credit and non-credit courses must also be identified on each course in the course database.

Deadlines for submission of any textbook/workbook/material changes for each semester are established in the annually developed Key Dates for Instructional and Student Services schedule and must be adhered to. Changes made after these deadlines must be authorized by both the division dean and the academic vice president. Costs associated with decisions to approve late changes will be incurred by the respective instructional department.

Providing extensive handouts at no charge to students must be avoided as material fees are not able to support these costs. Materials such as this should be printed through Printing Services and sold to students in the campus bookstore.

Adopted: 07/18/91
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 12/20/06

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