IV.E.1. District Certification Plan 


POLICY TITLE: District Certification Plan

The Wisconsin Technical College Certification Code (Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter TCS-3) calls for the district’s issuance and renewal of certification for faculty and staff members working in certified positions as defined in this code.  These individuals must obtain and maintain appropriate certification with Fox Valley Technical College and the Wisconsin Technical College System.
Fox Valley Technical College’s Certification Handbook provides specific information regarding certification and certification renewal.  Failure to obtain certification and/or complete certification renewal requirements is cause for immediate termination. 

The plan for recertification activities is revised and approved by Fox Valley Technical College’s District Certification Committee on a regular basis and is subject to review and approval of the Wisconsin Technical College System State Certification Committee every five years.  For information pertaining to the District Plan and the District Certification Committee members and responsibilities, contact the District Certification Officer.

Adopted: 12/16/80
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 07/23/08
Revised: 08/27/08

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