VI.K. Religious Accommodations - Students 


POLICY TITLE: Religious Accommodations - Students

Philosophy Statement
Fox Valley Technical College recognizes that its students represent many diverse religious backgrounds. FVTC is committed to providing exceptional educational experiences without interfering with student religious observance.

Policy Statement
Fox Valley Technical College is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for students’ sincerely held religious beliefs with regard to examinations and academic requirements.

  1. FVTC religious accommodation policy will be published in the student and staff handbooks.

  2. Students must provide in writing a notice to their instructor at least five business days in advance of anticipated absence.

  3. Faculty must provide an opportunity for students to make up missed examinations and materials in a timely manner without any prejudicial effect.

  4. Students are responsible to make up missed examinations or materials in a timely manner prior to the end of that academic semester, where the date of absence permits sufficient time to do so.
Complaint Procedure
Any student wishing to file a formal complaint alleging violation of reasonable religious accommodation must do so in writing within five school days of the alleged violation to the Affirmative Action/EEO Officer (consistent with other student complaints).

Within thirty (30) school days of receipt of a written complaint, the President shall issue a written decision on the complaint unless the parties agree to an extension of time.

Persons adversely affected by the President’s determination under the complaint procedure may appeal that decision in writing to the District Board of Fox Valley Technical College within thirty (30) school days of issuance of the decision. The District Board shall issue a written decision within forty-five (45) school days of receipt of the appeal.

The decisions of the District Board shall be subject to further appeal according to provisions of Chapter TCS 4 and Chapter 227, Wis. Stats.

Adopted: 08/17/93
Reorganized: n/a
Reviewed: 03/16/07
Revised: 03/30/07

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