IV.D. Compensation - Management Exempt 


POLICY TITLE: Compensation – Management/Exempt

It is the policy of the Fox Valley Technical College to modify management/exempt compensation, at a minimum, on an annual basis. All Management/exempt compensation decisions shall be approved by the Board upon recommendation of the President.

Initial Placement
Initial salaries paid to new management/exempt personnel will be based upon the following:
  • Length and quality of experience
  • Length of training
  • Education level
  • Salary range of position
  • Other consideration/factors
If possible, new personnel should not be placed at a salary above existing staff in the same salary level who have similar qualifications and experience with a satisfactory performance record.

Range Adjustments
Each year the Board will consider an adjustment to each salary range. Ranges will be adjusted prior to the time when individual compensation decisions are to be determined. Copies of the ranges will be sent to management/exempt staff when adjustments are made.

All employees will be paid within their respective salary ranges. Individuals who are below the salary range will be brought within the range immediately. Individuals whose salaries are presently above the range will be “red circled” and will not be given salary adjustments until their salary falls within the range.

Individual Employee Adjustments
Three factors will be used to determine annual employee adjustments:
  • Standards of performance
  • Individual objectives
  • Salary range position
Standards of Performance
Annual increases based upon an evaluation of satisfactory completion of duties and responsibilities as outlined in the employee’s job description will be made by July 1 for the new fiscal year. Evaluation and salary adjustment will be made according to the District Performance Appraisal policy.

Salary Range Position
Persons who are performing satisfactorily and who are below the midpoint salary within a range will be given consideration for an adjustment of the individual’s salary to bring them closer to the midpoint.

Promotions and Classification Changes
Individuals who move from one salary classification to another will be given a salary adjustment at the time of the promotion.

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Adopted: 11/19/85
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 10/01/97
Revised: 10/01/97

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