I.B. Board of Trustees Meetings 


POLICY TITLE: Board of Trustee Meetings
• Notification
• Minutes


District Board meetings are public meetings and open to the public in accordance with Chapter 19, Wis. Stats.

Notice of each regular meeting of the Board with agenda will be delivered to each member in ample time prior to each meeting.

Notice of all special meetings shall be given to the members of the Board at least twenty-four hours prior to the time stated for the meeting to convene. Said notice shall indicate the purpose of the special meeting.

It shall be the policy of the Board to announce in advance through the newspapers, the date, time, and place of all special meetings and the major topics to be discussed.


The President, under the direction of the Secretary of the Board, shall keep, or cause to be kept by a competent clerk, complete records of the action of the Board meetings. The minutes of the Board meeting shall be kept in an official minute book and shall be a complete record of such minutes including resolutions and motions in full. Papers not a part of a formal motion may be omitted if they are referred to and identified by some method.

Copies of the minutes of a meeting shall be sent to the members of the Board before the meeting at which they are to be approved. Corrections in the minutes may be made at the meeting at which they are to be approved. Permanent minutes shall be signed by the Secretary of the Board upon approval and transcribing.

Board Records
The President shall maintain a permanent record of the minutes of all Board meetings and shall provide each Board member with copies of the minutes, agenda, current budget information, policies adopted by the Board, and any other reference information.

Minutes are public information. Authorization to review the minutes will be secured from either the President, Secretary, or Chair of the Board. The minutes will not be removed from the administrative office, and they will be under constant surveillance by administrative personnel.

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Adopted: 07/14/80
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 04/19/07
Revised: 11/01/97
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