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IV.Q.1. Political Activity 


POLICY TITLE: Political Activity

It is College policy to encourage members of the College faculty and staff, who wish to do so as a personal activity, to express their viewpoints on political issues, to participate in political campaigns, to offer themselves as candidates for non-partisan office, and to hold such an office. All College employees should feel free to engage in such political activities so far as they are able to do so consistent with their full obligations to the College and in accordance with applicable laws.

The only limitations the College imposes are those reasonably necessary to protect its independence in academic and business matters, and to insure its adherence to its mission and its compliance with the laws under which it operates. More specifically, those limitations are:
  1. To preserve, in fact and appearance, the College’s non-partisan, independent, tax-exempt status;

  2. To preserve College resources of all sorts (including among others, faculty and staff time, College space, equipment, supplies and services) for the College’s educational, research, and related functions; and

  3. To protect against any conflicts of interest or time which may infringe on the ability of College personnel to perform their official duties and meet their responsibilities with maximum effectiveness and objectivity.
Restrictions. College employees may engage in lawful political activities. However, such activity, like any other personal, non-official undertaking, must be done on the employee’s own time and should not interfere with College duties. Accordingly, employees may not:
  • Campaign during work hours

  • Use College supplies or equipment, including telecommunications technology, for campaign purposes.

  • Represent their political views or the views of any candidate as being those of the College unless there has been specific authorization by the administration to do so.

  • Use employee mailing labels (either home or office addresses) produced by the College for distributing campaign materials. A candidate may obtain addresses from the College student, faculty, staff directories, or other published address lists.

  • Distribute campaign material through campus mail unless it has been received by a federal post office and is properly postmarked.

  • Run for partisan political office without first taking a leave of absence from the College. A leave will be granted upon request of the candidate.
Employees who are concerned about whether an activity may be a violation of this policy may utilize the Director-Human Resources as a resource.

The Faculty Association and the Educational Support Personnel Association are not considered political entities.

Provisions for dealing with alleged violations of this policy:

An employee alleged to have violated this policy shall be reported in writing to the Director of Human Resources or the Office of the President.
  • This complaint must state the name of the employee alleged to have violated this policy and the particulars of the alleged violation.

  • A copy of this complaint and formal notice of investigation will be provided to the employee.

  • Prevailing policies and procedures related to discipline will be followed.
  • Employee rights to hearings and appropriate due process as established by College policy and/or collective bargaining agreements will prevail.

Related Policies:
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Wisc. Stats., Chapter 19, Subchapter III

Adopted: 12/19/01
Reorganized: na
Reviewed: xx/xx/xx
Revised: xx/xx/xx

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