IV.R.1. Pre-Employment Background Check Policy 

and Procedure


POLICY TITLE: Pre-Employment Background Check Policy and Procedure

  1. Background and Purpose

    Fox Valley Technical College has a long-standing commitment to maintaining student and employee safety and health. Accordingly, the college has adopted this pre-employment background check policy and procedure.

  2. Procedures

    1. The Human Resource Department will conduct pre-employment criminal background checks for final candidates for all regular full-time and regular part-time positions.

    2. Pre-employment criminal, civil and financial background checks will be conducted for final candidates for all positions in the Executive Team and other key administrator positions in the discretion of the college.

    3. All applicants will be advised that the final candidate(s) for a position must successfully complete a background check as a condition of being employed at FVTC.

    4. All final candidate(s) will be required to complete the required forms prior to the background check. Any final candidate who refuses to complete any of the required forms will be deemed to have withdrawn him/herself from consideration for employment.

    5. The Human Resource Department will review, as may be appropriate, state, county and federal background information.

    6. Convictions or pending criminal charges will not be an absolute bar to employment. A pending criminal charge and/or a conviction will affect an individual's candidacy for employment if there is a substantial relationship between the circumstances of the pending criminal charge or conviction and the circumstances of the particular job or licensed activity.

    7. Except as authorized by the individual in writing or as required by law, information gathered under this policy and procedure will be disclosed only to college staff with a business need to know the information.

  3. Administration of the Policy and Procedure/Costs

    1. The Human Resource Department will administer and enforce this policy and procedure at all college locations.

    2. FVTC will pay the cost of the pre-employment background check requested by the college.

Adopted: 12/13/06
Reviewed: xx/xx/xx
Revised: xx/xx/xx

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