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V.F. Avocational Courses 


POLICY TITLE: Avocational Courses

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board requires that districts fully cost recover expenses for avocational (non-aidable) courses. Avocational course tuition is established at the district level, authorized by the District Board of Trustees.

Direct course costs plus a 35% overhead factor is used to establish the overall cost in avocational programming at Fox Valley Technical College. These costs, along with established minimum course enrollments, are used to determine the tuition per credit hour. By March of each year, the academic vice president will forward a recommendation on avocational course tuition for the upcoming academic year to the District Board for approval. Avocational course tuition is discounted by 10% for individuals age 62 and over.

To ensure cost recovery in avocational courses, the following minimum enrollments will be used by instructional managers:
  • 12 students in physical education-related courses

  • 9 students in foods, crafts, sewing, woodworking or other courses.
Exceptions to these minimum course enrollments must be authorized by the respective division dean or their designee.

Adopted: 09/20/88
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 02/17/06

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