V.V. Graduation Requirements for Degree 

and Diploma Programs


POLICY TITLE: Graduation Requirements for Degree and Diploma Programs

A student is eligible for graduation from Fox Valley Technical College’s associate degree and technical diploma programs when s/he has fulfilled the following requirements:
  • Completion of course requirements of the program curriculum.

  • Completion of at least one-fourth (25%) of the total program credits required in the degree or diploma through coursework undertaken at FVTC. The 25 percent of total program credits must be comprised of a minimum of 25% of the core course credits in technical studies.

  • A program cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better (“C” average); additionally some programs have “C” grade requirements in courses as specified in the college catalog.

  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (“C” average) in the program’s occupational core courses (technical studies).

  • All financial obligations to the college met.
Graduation requirements at the time the student registers for the first time in program courses will apply for the entire length of the program enrollment unless the student has a break in enrollment. Students who have a break in enrollment of three consecutive semesters must meet the college’s graduation requirements in effect at the time of re-entry. Students in programs which have experienced curriculum modifications, will work with their program counselors and faculty advisors to identify substitute courses, which will facilitate timely graduation. Any exceptions due to extenuating circumstances must be reviewed by the department chair and authorized by the division dean.

Any substitute course(s) acceptable for program completion must be authorized by the department chair and dean of the program. For general education courses, these decisions will be made jointly by the program department chair/dean and the general education department chair/dean. If consensus cannot be achieved on acceptable substitute courses, the final decision will rest with the academic vice president.

These graduation requirements apply to all programs and all program students. Departments are not authorized to establish minimum grade attainment levels for program courses (e.g. minimum grade of “C”) without the written approval of both the division dean and the academic vice president. Such requirements, in effect, become “add-ons” to graduation requirements for students and conflict with the college’s overall graduation policy. Specific grade attainment levels may be necessary in some instances, however, where adequately justified. Authorized minimum grade attainment levels for courses must be explicitly stated in the college catalog.

Students are required to apply for graduation on-line through “My FVTC” prior to the final term of enrollment.

Students may appeal institutional decisions related to graduation requirements and eligibility through the formal academic appeals process.

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Adopted: 01/20/98
Reorganized: n/a
Reviewed: 03/31/06
Revised: 03/31/06

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