Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program History 

The Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program (IASAP) supports American Indian and Alaska Native communities to plan and implement system-wide strategies that will reduce and control crime associated with the distribution and abuse of alcohol and controlled substances.

Grants are awarded through the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice (BJA). To date, 142 communities have received funding to develop, implement, and enhance alcohol and substance abuse prevention, intervention, and enforcement programs. Through IASAP funding, tribes can develop programs that focus on the following:
  • Develop and enhance multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary working groups, task forces, or teams;
  • Apprehend and prosecute smugglers, dealers, and users with a focus on meth;
  • Reduce drug- and alcohol-related crime, injuries, and traffic fatalities;
  • Create options for alternatives to incarceration;
  • Enhance the capacity for law enforcement to collect and share alcohol/substance abuse related system data;
  • Develop community-based wellness courts; and/or
  • Provide for culturally appropriate treatment and services for offenders and their families.
Grantees form partnerships with law enforcement, courts, treatment providers, and community members to develop and implement successful crime reduction programs.

For questions regarding the IASA Program or for technical assistance, contact Justine Souto (phone: 888-370-1752.)

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