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MyTraining FAQs 

Scroll through the following links to find answers to basic registration questions.

General Registration Questions

Logging-in and Navigation Questions

Managing Your Account

Payment Questions

ICAC Training Classes: Registration Questions

ICAC Training Classes: Cancellation Questions

ICAC Training Classes: Miscellaneous Questions

General Registration Questions

Why do I need to provide my SSN?
SSN’s are collected by FVTC to ensure that each student exists in the system only once, which is critical in order to create a transcript

What if I am the training coordinator and I need to register several people?
You can ask each person to register and add you (training coordinator) as the approving authority: or You can create a new account for each person

How do we make a substitution in attendance?
You will need to email us at our general email account of and tell us who is currently registered and the name of the new person who is taking their spot. You will then need to drop the person no longer coming and register the new person.

Should I be providing my agency information or my home information?
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Where can I search for classes?
Click on “Find a Class” link located on the left side of the screen in the blue boxes

What is the class number and where do I find it?
Class numbers are included on the website as a link for online registration.

How will I know if my registration was received and approved?
You will receive an email at the time you register indicating that your registration is pending. You will receive additional emails once you have been approved and confirmed in the class. Your approving authority that you have listed will receive copies of these emails as well.

What if I know my student ID number but the system does not recognize my date of birth?
Possibly, your student account was set up without your date of birth information. This will need to be added by staff at FVTC. Contact the Help Desk at (920) 735-5644

Who can I contact if I have trouble registering?
You can either contact the Help Desk at (920) 735-5644 or the contact for the program

Who do the suggestions go to?
Suggestions are sent to the Help Desk. After they are received, the Help Desk forwards them to the appropriate person

Logging-in and Navigation Questions

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What if I forgot my password?
You can click on the “Forgot your ID or Password” button. You may then search by ID or SSN

How do I know if I have an account?
You can click “Forgot your ID or Password” button to search for your account.
If you do not have an account, you will receive a message that notes that the information you provided is not found in the system.

How long do I have to register?
The system will time-out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Managing Your Account

Where do I go to change my password?
Forgot ID or Password

Where can I request my transcript?
You can contact our registrar at (920) 735-5792 for an Official Transcript; otherwise, you can sign in and click on My Classes. From there, you can click on Print My Training History

Do my credits transfer to my agency for anything?
Many of the Federal Programs courses offer Continuing Education Credits. Each program is different and offers a different number of CEU’s depending on the hours of training. For example, Texas offers the TCLEOSE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education) credits; student would have to contact their training coordinator for appropriate paperwork.
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Where can I see what I have registered for?
You will need to sign into your account and click on My Classes.

I have already registered for a class and I cannot attend. How can I drop?
You will need to sign into your account and click on My Classes. You can then use the drop feature to remove yourself from the class

Payment Questions

How do I make an online payment?
Once you have registered for a class using the online process, go to the “Make a Payment” link and follow the instructions
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Who do I make the check out to and where does it get sent?
The checks can be made out to “Fox Valley Technical College” and sent to 1825 N Bluemound Dr, PO Box 2277, Appleton, WI 54912-2277.

Can I have a bill sent to my agency?
Yes. When using the online process, go to the “Make a Payment” link and follow the instructions, using your agency’s billing information.

ICAC Training Classes: Registration Questions

Can anyone register for ICAC training programs?
Law enforcement only. This includes officers of the law, prosecutors, and federal agents.

How do I register for ICAC trainings?
Please go to for course names. Each course will have a list of open classes at the bottom of the page. Click on the class number to be transferred to our online registration system.
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How are students selected to attend a class?
Students are ultimately selected by the Task Force Commanders. Up to five seats are allocated to the “hosting” task force (at ICAC T&TA’s discretion), and the remaining seats are distributed one per task force to the students who have registered earliest. This list is then sent to all the Task Force Commanders. Once approval from the Task Force Commanders has been received, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the student.

When am I notified I have been confirmed to attend a class I have registered for?
Approximately one month prior to the course, you will receive notice of either confirmation of admittance or notice that you have been selected for the waitlist.

What happens if I am on the waitlist?
We distribute class seats to as many task forces as possible, with one seat allotted to each Task Force (unless your task force is “hosting” the course, then multiple seats may be available). When an individual drops from the course, we offer their seat to the next person on the waitlist from that agency. In the event that no additional people are on the list from that agency, we offer the seat to an agency that does not currently have an individual enrolled. Finally, if all task forces have at least one representative, we will offer the seat to the general waitlist. We will either contact an individual directly, or send a notice via e-mail to the entire waitlist that a seat is available, and the first responder will receive the seat.

How do I drop my registration?
Please return to the “MyTraining” portal, and use the drop feature. You can find the drop button by logging in, clicking on “MyClasses” and locating the name of the class. The drop button will be next to the listing.

If I registered for more than one class for the same course and have received a confirmation e-mail, do I need to cancel my registration for the other classes for which I have registered?
Yes. Please see question 6 for instructions on dropping your registration.
ICAC Training & TA staff will drop all remaining identical courses for individuals confirmed to attend the course.

Can I rank the classes I register for in priority order?
No, you will be offered the first available seat. You will have the opportunity to decline that seat and take your chances with another class but you are not guaranteed a seat in another class.

ICAC Training Classes: Cancellation Questions

If I have been confirmed in a class and need to cancel, what do I do?
Please drop your registration (see question 6). If it is past the drop deadline, please e-mail the Program Specialist in charge of your class. (

Can I send a substitute in my place if I can’t attend?
Substitute attendees are not allowed. Only students registered for the course will be offered an open seat. Please see question 5 for guidance on a waitlist scenario.

What happens if I can’t attend a class I have been confirmed to attend and I don’t notify the Training & Technical Assistance Program in writing?

Failure to attend without cancellation notice will jeopardize the approval of any future program registration that you may submit for training through Fox Valley Technical College. In addition, the agency of a no-show participant will be billed $1,100.00 for the cost of the vacant training seat plus any lodging costs incurred by our program.

What happens if I need to miss part of a class?
If an absence is necessary, you must speak to the on-site coordinator of the class and request an absentee form. Any absence greater than approximately 12% of the course will result in an unsatisfactory grade for the class. You will not receive FVTC credit for the course and will not receive a certificate of course completion.

ICAC Training Classes: Miscellaneous Questions

What costs does ICAC Training & TA cover?
Please see the specific course for details on what expenses are covered. Each class page has a section entitled, “Course Costs,” which will detail covered and non-covered expenses.

When can I make my travel arrangements?
Once you have received the e-mail confirming your attendance in a class, you may then make your travel arrangements. Do not make arrangements before receiving this e-mail, as you may not have a seat in the class. Registration does not equate to confirmation.

What should I do if I need to change my lodging information?
ICAC Training & TA is responsible for all lodging arrangements. If you need to change your information from what was submitted when you registered, please contact the Program Specialist in charge of your class  ( to request any changes in your lodging. Do not contact the hotel directly.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?
We will provide laptops for the IT, UC, and Peer Precision courses. Laptops are not necessary for PSC, TAP, and US courses. Please bring your own laptop to the CyberTips course.

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