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5S and 6S in the Workplace 

Learn the concepts of Sort, Set in Order, Scrub, Standardize, and Sustain with a focus on Safety. Gain an understanding of how 5S and 6S principles can improve effectiveness through simple organizational strategies. The accelerated course reinforces concepts with hands-on application customized to your specific workplace.

Typical topics covered include:

• 5S/6S Overview
• Role in Visual Management
• Simulation Activity for 5S/6S
• Evaluation of Current State
Role of Red Tagging
• Applied 6S ‘Sort’ Activity
• Data Collection—Estimates & Validation Plan
• Creating a Future State Design
• Applied 'Set in Order' and 'Scrub' Activity
• Data Collection for Standardization Plan
• Creating a Sustainment Plan

FVTC’s team of Lean Six Sigma specialists offer a variety of customized training, consultation, self-paced and online solutions for the lean practitioner or front-line worker. Experienced and certified Lean Performance Center experts are available to present the 5S and 6S in the Workplace training for your employees at a date, time and location convenient for you.

5S and 6S Training Resources

To arrange on-site or customized 5S and 6S training, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Business & Industry Services
P: (888) 458-0449 | P: (920) 735-2525 | F: (920) 735-4771
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To explore more about the FVTC Lean Performance Center services and certifications, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Lean Performance Center
P: (920) 993-5150 | F: (920) 735-2473

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