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Do your PC ports supply enough power to all the devices you have attached to them? Plugging too much gear into a USB Hub, one with no external power adapter, can overwhelm a USB port by demanding more than the 500ma it can supply. Check the port demands on any USB port in windows XP by right clicking "my computer", on the pull down menu choose "properties", then the "hardware" tab, click the "device manager" button. On the displayed window double click "universal serial bus controllers", double click "USB root hub". Add up the amounts in the "Power Required" column. Make sure they are less the 500mA.


Have you ever hesitated to open an e-mail because you were afraid something may be lurking inside? Use the following method of reading a Microsoft outlook express message before actually opening it. In the inbox window, right click the messaging in question, select "properties" and click "details" to read the message header, which may give a clue as to its origin. If the header is to cryptic, click "message source" to read the message itself in an inert, non- running mode (you’ll see the HTML code, but scroll down to review the message text). In Outlook, to examine the headers, right click the message and choose "options", you can’t view the source or text however.


Highlight the URL name, then press CTRL+ C to copy it.
Minimize that window, and go back to the desktop.
In an open area of the desktop, do a right click.
In the drop down menu, left click on New and left click on shortcut.
In the shortcut window, press CTRL+V to paste the URL, click on Next.
Type in a Name for this URL site, click on Finish.
The URL should now appear on the desktop.
To change the Icon for this URL, right click on it and choose Properties,
then click on Change Icon.
In the C:Windows\system32\ folder click on Browse, find the file shell32.dll,
Double click on it to open up, choose a new icon that you like,
left click on it to highlight it, choose OK to apply,
Click OK again and it should appear on the desktop.
Back at the desktop now double click the new icon,
To test the icon to see if it works.
Enjoy your new shortcut.

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